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when bad turns to good–eventually

“As it turned out, God was with Joseph and things went very well with him.” Genesis 39:2

Joseph was betrayed by his brother, sold to strangers, taken to  a strange country. Traveling with Ishmaelites, Joseph saw his future clearly: a slave in chains till his dying day.

But God was WITH Joseph. God was not trailing in the desert ,behind the camel to which Joseph was shackled; God was with him, making sure the sisal rope didn’t cause an infection. God was not off on another job when Joseph was put on the auction block; God was with him, propping him up so Joseph looked brave and strong on the outside.

What strikes me even more is that to make Joseph’s story have a great ending, God was at two places at the same time at every one of Joseph’s ordeal. He was with the Ishmaelites, whispering to them the right plans for Joseph, He was with Potiphar, prompting him to buy Joseph.

And that’s the lesson I am learning right now–God works, on my behalf, in the hearts of those that matter. The past year has been a rough one and I have felt the righteous wrath of fellow church members. It was so bad that some have seen me cry (and that has happened only once before). To make things worse I could not share my side of the story fast enough to catch up with the ill-intentioned little mob. And even if I had, the other side was far more convincing and  was one that didn’t beg the listener to look for another perspective. Things were so bad that I couldn’t write (and that also has happened only once before)

It has been difficult to let time and God take their course.  But I must, like Joseph, remember that God is with me and things will go well.

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