Personal Ramblings

eyes of the innocent beholder

This week has been an extraordinarily busy for me. I’ve had no time for anything but issues involving the school. So all week long I’ve been jumping out of bed, throwing my clothes on, and rushing out the door while pulling my hair up into a knot. The end result: I look like Aunt Jemima, the Pancake Queen. No big deal. I’m 45, overweight, and work with kids. No one is scrutinizing my appearance.
Then yesterday was the big elementary Christmas program that pretty much mandated that I take some time out to fix my hair and get into something appropriate. As I was walking up to the front of the church to give my impromptu welcome spiel, a kindergartener tugged at me. I looked down into her cute little face. She gazed up at me with big adoring eyes and said “Mrs. Kline, I like your hair. You look so pretty.”
“Thank you, Sweetie.” I replied, flattered by her compliment.
Then she quickly continued: “But you didn’t look pretty this morning!”

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