Personal Ramblings

courage from friendship

Wrinkles has the knack of claiming the most expensive rug at home as her own. When I had the vintage Afghan rolled out, she was quick to give up her thick-piled Tibetan for the thinner yet warmer red spread.

Yesterday I rolled out the silk and lamb’s wool rug that I bought to resell and fund my other rug purchases . . . just to look at it once more! And before I gave in to my vain perversion for rugs (which a whole different story) and decided to keep it, Wrinkles walked over, pawed at the fine silk and settled her smelly belly right in the middle of it.

I yelled and gestured every doggie threat I knew, but she paid me no heed. Just sat there, glaring, daring me to do something about it. So I lunged towards her and she immediately got up and stood between Jez’s legs.

Her doggie courage is obviously not from some inner doggie strength. It comes from her alliance with Jez, her protector and friend! I’ll get her when Jez’s not around.

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