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what about Lost

The new season of Lost has begun. And I’m excited to get back in the story. Yet that’s not like me . . . Movies that don’t reflect real life is some way in not my thing; karate epics where Chuck Norris single-handedly crushes every bad guy in town or vampire trilogies that document the hunt for pure blood and vengeance doesn’t do it for me.
So why am I hooked on Lost? It’s pure unrealistic fantasy and yet I treated myself to one continuous 24-hour frenzy couple of weekends ago and watched every episode of the third season till my eyes were dry and my head was pounding. Loved it!
What is about Lost? Don’t know. It’s certainly not the Bollywood style melodrama or the ridiculous line of superstition or the fact that all the women still have a stash of makeup left on the island . It’s not even the fact that they are “lost” (and I’m not). I think it’s because of the survival element of the show, the never-give-up attitude that comes through. It kinda makes me feel that fight to survive attitude brings relevance to my world.
Actually, it’s more than that. Lost is not just about surviving, it’s about making the most of being lost.

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