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major restoration

The man said the windows were rescued in England from old buildings about to be demolished. A collector, he shipped a container full of the antique stained glass windows and was now selling them out of his garage. After hearing that story, we just had to be part of the window rescue mission and claim one for ourselves.
Our 100+ year old window had seen better days for sure. The frame was layered in paint and the glass was plastered with dirt and grease. Just a few hours into the restoration process and one piece of glass broke and it took a stained-glass artist friend with little time of his hands over two years to fix it. Ready to leave for Nepal for 6 years by then, we so stored it in our shed. And then it took another year or so to get it from Maryland to Oregon.  And then followed hours and hours of patient labor to strip the paint and clean the glass.
And finally after 10 years, the window hangs in our home. We think it’s absolutely the most beautiful rescued-from-an-about-to-be-demolished-building window. It will be a Kline heirloom.
Restoration sometimes takes a lot of time, immense patience, steadfast perseverance, and relentless work. Yet God does it because he believes in man. He will keep at it till we are restored to perfection and are His forever.

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