Spiritual Musings

the hunter and its prey

Luke 4: 13 The Devil retreated temporarily, lying in wait for another opportunity.
Watching the National Geographic channel, I’m always fascinated by the patience and stealth of the hunter, be it man or beast. When targeting the prey, an animal can lay in wait for hours completely focused on getting it. Not the weather nor an itch can make a difference.
In life we are the prey; the Devil the hunter. With a fierce determination he waits for an opportunity to bag us. Escaping from his trap once does not mean that he’s given up on getting us!
Even with Jesus, the Devil didn’t give up: After Jesus passed all three temptations with A+ flying colors, and He was “powerful in the Spirit,” (v. 14), Satan continued to lay in wait. If it looks like all’s going well, it’s only because he’s “retreated temporarily.” (v. 13)
Victory with the Devil is no cause for lack of vigilance.

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