Spiritual Musings

a praying mother

I Samuel 2:1 And Hannah prayed
I began that particularly difficult year with a brand new black alligator skin Bible. My focus that year was to read God’s word while praying for one of  my children in particular.
At the beginning, at the end, and during each day I read between the lines of the Bible, looking for words that would be especially meaningful and applicable to my child. Like Hannah, I vowed to never cease for even a day.
At the end of the year, there were tear blotches on the pages here and there, the alligator leather was worn and falling apart. The Bible looked 20 years old. At the end of the year the pay off was a child stronger in the Lord despite the difficult year.
Hannah prayed for Samuel even before he was born; and continued to pray for him for as long as she lived. To pray is the primary ministry of every parent.

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