Personal Ramblings

honest compliments?

There’s a woman who hops from one church to another, doing the special music. She’s a nice person, and very active in the community. Has many talents, but singing is not one of them.
However, she truly believes she can sing. Attempting complicated solos in operatic style, she sings with great confidence and people respond with compliments and Amens. Later, behind her back, everyone (me included) talks about what a terrible voice she has!  (Comment heard recently: Sounds like there’s a gerbil stuck in her throat and it’s trying to escape!) Those comments are not kind, but at least they’re honest–The false compliments are plain lies!
There’s got to be some middle-ground, grey comments that can be used in such instances. Maybe something like The words touched my heart or You sing with such poise. But then again, if that does not make her stop singing, we continue enabling her to make a fool of herself.
Maybe we should just draw lots and the “winner” should just tell her like it is.

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