Spiritual Musings

give God the glory

Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge Him.
At three, Jez was a skinny little insecure vegetarian. Then came Roy into his life. With that first homemade burger and a lesson in confident manliness, Jez was quickly on the path of transformation–into an overly confident, big, protein-bulked boy.
To balance Jez’s new air of “I’m the best, I can do anything” attitude, I tempered his growing up years by pointing to the Source of all his talents and gifts. I taught him to respond with Christian humbleness when complimented. Instead of “Thank you” he was to say “I am blessed.”
Hearing a little kid say “I’m blessed” has a aaawww-that’s-precious cuteness about it. But what if an adult respond swith an “I’m blessed” instead of a “Thank you?” It would have a geeky-Christian ring to it, don’t you think? That’s what I thought, until today.
After church today, I told the guest speaker that his sermon was wonderful. He responded “Praise God.”  And it had a man-of-God ring to it!

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