Spiritual Musings

loved by God and man

Gen. 6:9, 10 Noah was a good man, a man of integrity in his community. Noah walked with God.
There’s this man I know: Great preacher, passionate singer, fervent Bible student–and all this wrapped up in a charismatic personality. When he’s preaching, the church is full, when he sings, everyone resounds with loud Amens. But get him in your living room with a small group of people and he’s the most obnoxious know-it-all you could ever imagine! Rude, insensitive, and blunt, he’s a contradiction to the “man of God” persona he projects in church.
On some level, in each of us, there’s a spattering or more of hypocrisy, a tendency to mask who we really are. Yet, the greatest compliment a Christian could get is that which Noah received: He was a “good” man in the opinion of both God and man.

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